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We have many years experience in helping our clients find the most effective solutions to achieve the best outcomes for their projects.

This is our process...

Your needs and expectations are our priority. We will visit your vessel with you, on site, to gather an in-depth of what is required. 


New system assessment form-1.jpg
New system assessment form-2.jpg

Once we have assessed each part of your project we will develop a working, step-by-step plan to provide the most effective solution to your problem.

We have many years of industry experience to call upon, working in Thailand, Malaysia, Australia & the UK.


Once we have planned a solution we will present it to you with all the relevant information and specifications so that you can make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed. 


Fully briefed every morning at our workshops in Boat Lagoon Marina, Phuket, our skilled technicians will attend your boat fully prepared to complete the required tasks.


We control every aspect of the projects we take on with daily planning meetings every morning at Cirrus HQ including a full briefing for our technicians, with each aspect of the project plan explained in detail.

We will compile a working photographic report, which can be viewed at any time to give you a visual update of our progress.


Our aim is to complete all works on time and within budget. Once all our works have been completed, checked and tested, you will be asked to inspect the work for yourself. The project can not be complete without the clients complete approval.


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