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Frigoboat refrigeration system with direct expansion and AC or DC power supply, suitable for fridges and freezers from 50 up to 400 liters; cooling by air or by sea water, with pump or with an high efficiency keel cooler.

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The FRIGOBOAT MS Series Wine Cellars are the best quality available. A complete range of wine cellars for blue water cruisers and all other high end marine applications - nothing else comes close. The MS Series wine cellars are the result of VECO's 40 years’ experience in designing and producing marine refrigeration under the World renowned FRIGOBOAT brand.

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 Frigoboat Ice Makers produce up to 31 kg of ice per 24 hours and conserves it in an extractable transparent container. Easy to install, Frigoboat Ice Maker allows to adjust the daily ice quantity and the temperature thanks to the thermostat. It fits perfectly every environment with also a paneling option; the front air outlet allows a casing installation and the door opening can be changed.Stainless steel hinges and fasteners to prevent the corrosion and safety fastener.

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